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Link-AR Borneo is a non government organization which established in April, 2nd 2009. The process of establishment started on 2007 which was results based on interactives between students, labors, and other social activists collaborated in Alliance of West Borneo’s People (PRKB) in responsed the land grabbing, criminalization, eviction, and others issues. To strengtened and systematized advocacy, those activists agreed to established Advocacy and Research Circle well known as Lingkar Borneo.


Struggling the certainty of people’s tenure right in order to realizes justices, preservation, and welfares for people.


Advocacy by Lingkar Borneo is to answer the massive land grabbing on land, forest, and wealth resources problems caused by extractive industries. This is caused by political-economy interests which primarily provide raw material needs for world giant industry. While, Borneo island contains a large number of natural resources. Penetration by extractive industry in Borneo started from forest clearing and slashing by logging industry, carving and monoculturization by oil palm and pulpwood plantation (pulp & paper), and coal and mineral excavation by mining industry. To facilitate the penetration, practices by government is by distorting indgenous order through political infrastructure uniformity and lowest government system (ruralization).

What Can We Do...???

Based on those condition, Lingkar Borneo started its work through evidence-based advocacy. This advocacy is a form of Lingkar Borneo’s interest in struggling people interests and ecological justice, thus, such evidence responsibled in scientific and truth is absolute. Lingkar Borneo developing various methodology to find the truth of data which take side to people’s interest.

HTI Kalimantan Barat 2016

Kebutuhan kertas yang terus meningkat, membuat perusahan-perusahan mulai bergeser ke daerah ekspansi dari Negara-negara amerika utara ke asia ( Indonesia dan asia timur) dan amerika latin. Tahun 2012 indonesia mengekspor pulp sebesar 3,2 juta ton dan kertas sebesar 4,2 juta ton, sampai oktober 2013 ekspor pulp dan kertas mencapai 3,1 juta ton dan 3,5 juta […]

Open letter to the European Union

Open letter to the European Union and 28 Member States of The Biofuel Policy   Respected European Union & The Member States, Related to Biofuels Policy issued by the European Union which has a negative impact on the country or region that is dominated by large-scale oil palm plantations, palm oil itself is a source […]

Agroforestry Dayak Suhaid Indigenous People

A woman observes her pepper, besides pepper, there are rice, corn, vegetables, and so on including rubber. Besides that, farm or agricultural land remains surrounded by forests. The indication is 455 hectares of Suhaid indigenous people Emperiang Villages Kapuas Hulu Regency will be expansion target of oil palm plantation by PT. KPC GAR Group / […]

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LinkAr Borneo Asks the Government to Act Decisively Oil Palm Company Environmental Destroyer

The issues of large-scale oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan never stop, ranging from criminal action towards the indigenous people and peasants as the case in Bengkayang, Sambas, Kubu Raya, and even other Regency continued to occur. Not only the agrarian conflict between the companies with the community but also the violation of human rights […]

“Tax Amnesty” Evidence that Country Vail on The Investment

Quoting from the Taxation Directorate and Finance Ministry of Indonesia, Tax Amnesty is a program of forgiveness granted by the Government to the taxpayers include the elimination of tax payable, the removal of tax administration sanctions, as well as the elimination of criminal sanctions in the field of taxation on property acquired in 2015 and […]

Hancurnya Vegetasi Gambut di Konsesi PT. Sintang Raya

PT. Sintang raya yang merupakan salah satu perusahaan asing milik Korea Selatan yang beroperasi di wilayah Kabupaten Kubu Raya yang mencakup 7 Desa Diantaranya adalah Pellita Jaya, Olak-olak Kubu, Dabong, Mengkalan, Seruat I, Seruat II, dan Desa Ambawang. Dengan Luas 20.000ha luasan HGU yang ada, 10.254 ha lahan yang di kelola oleh PT. Sintang Raya […]

Kabut Asap – Stop laju investasi berbasis hutan dan lahan di kalimantan barat

Pelarangan pembukaan ladang dengan membakar (Baca : Mereka Yang Bakar, Kami Yang Menerima Penderitaan ) yang di keluarkan oleh pemerintah daerah Kalimantan Barat telah menelan korban kriminalisasi terhadap petani yang ada di Kalimantan Barat. Berdasarkan data yang di himpun oleh Link-Ar Borneo sejak 12 Agustus 2016 telah ada 40 petani yang di tangkap oleh aparat keamanan […]

“Amnesti Pajak”-Bukti Negara Tunduk Pada Investasi

Mengutip dari Direktorat Pajak dan Kementrian keuangan Indonesia, Amnesti pajak adalah program pengampunan yang diberikan oleh Pemerintah kepada Wajib Pajak meliputi penghapusan pajak terutang, penghapusan sanksi administrasi perpajakan, serta penghapusan sanksi pidana di bidang perpajakan atas harta yang diperoleh pada tahun 2015 dan sebelumnya yang belum dilaporkan dalam SPT, dengan cara melunasi seluruh tunggakan pajak […]


  • Then, other effect by the massive development of extractive industry is the rising disaster’s frequences in West Kalimantan. Floods and whirling wind are two most disaster faced by the community. Those are identified as the affect of the ecology destruction. Million hectares of forest which enrole the sustainability of the ecosystem are vanished

    Agus Sutomo Excecutive Director